The Dandelion Community

Marion is one of the elders from the Dandelion community, which is part of the United Reform Church. The Dandelion Community was set up 2 years ago and their aim is support the needs of local residents’ right in the heart of their community

The Dandelion community has been involved with Real Food Wythenshawe from the outset, with the ‘Feeding the 5000 event which was a meal made entirely from ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted, raising awareness around the issues of food waste and food poverty. This partnership has gone from strength to strength with volunteers from The Dandelion community helping at large awareness raising events across Wythenshawe.

“Real Food Wythenshawe’s real skill is the way they work with and engage people here in our community, they are as ordinary as the person they are talking too which helps build relationships and report, allowing people to have confidence to ask questions about the impact food has on the environment and how to use different ingredients. Their eye for detail in incredible, they even use compostable packaging.”

“…they show an alternative to people’s current lifestyle but not in a preachy way, in a simple achievable way. I’m not saying it’s easy but it gives people easy steps to follow to help change people’s view points and look at things in a different way”

The Dandelion Community has a great community growing space outside their building and Real Food Wythenshawe has supported with growing advice, volunteers and opportunities to attend numerous workshops put on throughout to year to equip people with the skills needed to grow local food. Real Food Wythenshawe has provided funding for a polytunnel, compost and raised beds and provided seeds and opportunities to swap surplus plants with other groups.

“Your workshops are fun, key concepts about our environment are shown to people in a fun and creative way. The team are approachable which builds people confidence, they can then find out more information themselves…The seeds are being sown with this project and change will come to fruition in the future generations”

Marion is also part of the Food Poverty Group which meets regularly, Real Food Wythenshawe has set this group up and it is now attended by over 15 different organisations. This group has been responsible for successfully applying for significant additional funding to support food poverty and Real Food Wythenshawe has offered consistent support to this group, facilitating the achievement of funding. The group are setting up a food hub in the centre of town, which will bring in food waste and surplus food to a central location and re-distribute to people in need. This group is being supported by Real Food Wythenshawe

“Real Food Wythenshawe are hands on, right where the community needs them, they are consistent, don’t over promise and deliver their work to high standard, which builds trust amongst local organisations. They have set up or in the process of setting up many great projects which will be their legacy and this will be available for the next generation”.