Wythenshawe was founded in the 1930s as a ‘Garden City’ with a fruit tree planted in every garden in the new housing.

The Garden City was planned to provide good garden space for residents giving the option to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

Today, Wythenshawe still has 57 per cent more green space per person than the rest of Manchester.

Many of the original fruit trees and memories of a more self-sufficient Wythenshawe still exist, along with abundant green space for growing and foraging. The soil in Wythenshawe tends to be excellent quality as much of the area was originally farmland.

Real Food Wythenshawe aims to revive this heritage to encourage and enable Wythenshawe residents to grow their own fruit and vegetables. Low-cost and low-input sustainable growing methods are encouraged, as these will benefit not only running costs but also the environment.