Growing Projects

There are lots of Real Food Growing projects already underway. We’re looking for community groups, with or without land, who are interested in becoming part of Real Food’s Green Spaces to Growing Spaces project – if you want to get involved, please email Kay Bamford at,

The Pineapple Cooperative
Working together to bring Wythenshawe Park’s walled garden back to its formal glory. Local groups and stakeholders in Wythenshawe Park are invited to help restore the historic walled garden back into production. Real Food Wythenshawe will coordinate these group efforts offering advice, support and resources as available. If you have a local group and would like to know more about how to get involved, please contact The Real Food Growing Coordinator at,

Crossacres Cultivators
Come along on Tuesday and Thursday mornings to Age UK on Crossacres Road for gardening and socialising. Share gardening tips, growing experience and improve the environment over a cup of tea or coffee. Absolute growing beginners through to Alan Titchmarshes welcome! For more information call Malcom Young 0161 437 0717.

Dandelion – affiliated with St Marks Church, Oatlands Road
The community peace garden, the Garden of Eden, will become more fruitful with tasty fruit and veg to share as we plant more, expand the beds and grow together. If you would like to volunteer to garden weekly for a couple of hours please complete the contact form on the website:

McDonald’s Meanwhile Site
An innovative growing site behind the McDonald’s restaurant on Altrincham Road, Baguley has 60 moveable growing containers that they can be re-sited when the plot is eventually used for development. The partners on the MacDonald project initially were Groundwork and City of Trees (formerly known as Redrose Forest). This site provides fruit and veg for local residents who help to maintain the beds.

Macmillan Allotment, Haveley Circle
This was the first ‘meanwhile’ site to be established on Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) designated land. The aim of this project was for cancer patients, current and in recovery, to utilise the space for growing and therapeutic benefits. Local residents also became involved in maintaining the site. This allotment closed in summer 2016 as the site is assigned for much needed new housing. MacMillan continues to offer therapeutic activities for people recovering from cancer. Please contact MacMillan directly at

Bideford Centre
In May 2013, a group of volunteers re-launched Bideford Garden Group, gathering residents from the Bideford Estate to take part in a Garden and Estate Clear Up. The group liaised with WCHG staff to get involved, as well as the Wythenshawe Regeneration Team. After the clearance, attractive wooden planters were built and a pergola. Both edible and ornamental plants, including a variety of vegetables donated by Real Food, were given a new home. The project has expanded to an extended allotment-style raised bed area. To find out how to get involved or for more information please contact Kay Bamford, Growing Coordinator for the Real Food Team,

Johannesburg Gardens
Currently with one large raised bed, and potential to expand, this mini project is the mastermind of one keen local lady who looked after the area in 2013 with the help of church volunteers, sharing the bountiful harvest with her neighbours. If you would like to be involved in any way, volunteers are always welcome to help with planning and maintenance of the bed. To find out how to get involved or for more information please contact Kay Bamford, Growing Coordinator for the Real Food Team,

The Newlife Centre – Greenbrow Road
This growing project on the site of the distinctive St Francis Church has been supported by our partners at City of Trees (Redrose Forest), Groundwork and with contributions from Helping Britain Blossom, The Urban Orchard Project. Originally this redundant site came into force as ‘Spud Club’ where the front half of the grounds were planted with several potato varieties and the produce shared with local people. The site has since been improved and expanded to include quality raised beds, IBC planters and a substantial poly tunnel. There is always a warm welcome for local people who want to get involved. To find out how to get involved or for more information please contact Kay Bamford, Growing Coordinator for the Real Food Team,