Growing Projects

Learn how to grow your own food at Wythenshawe Park horticultural centre. We offer year-round support and education to show how to grow produce from seed. Based in the first glasshouse with excellent facilities including heated beds and automatic watering systems, we will show you everything you need to know to be a successful grower at home! We share young plants and produce with volunteers or use it in our cooking activities. We can show you how to grow in small spaces and balconies, how to care for plants, take cuttings, collect and store seeds and harvest fruit and vegetables. All this will save you money, improve your mental and physical health and is a great opportunity to make new friends. There are also opportunities to look after the established plants in horticultural centre that need volunteer care to survive.

The Pineapple Cooperative

At the back of the horticultural centre we have some small ‘taster’ allotment plots. These are suitable for someone who might feel a standard allotment might be too much work and commitment. They are a good starting point to learn some basic growing skills and offer some onsite support for advice and guidance. These plots are allocated as available. Contact to find out more.