Unfortunately, we are not born cooks.  Like everything it’s something we have to learn as we travel life’s journey.  With the increase in cheap processed food, takeaways and ‘ding’ meals, people are becoming more reliant on these types of foods.  As people consume more and more of these types of foods there has been a major increase in the numbers diagnosed with obesity, diabetes and heart related issues which are now rising at an alarming rate.  As the Covid pandemic took hold we saw increased numbers of people with these health issues being hospitalised and many sadly dying.  It’s easy to say ‘I can’t cook’ but with a little basis knowledge – anyone can!!!  By making some changes you can make some positive steps to improve poor health and overall wellbeing.

Real Food Wythenshawe are here to support people in the community who want to develop the skills and desire to cook those inexpensive healthier meals from scratch for themselves and their families.    In addition to teaching people to cook, we include topics such as: shopping on a budget, understanding food labels, one-pot recipes, batch cooking, freezing foods.