Real Food Volunteers

Liz Grant, Volunteer

Liz Grant is a resident in Wythenshawe and one of the Real Food Team’s most active volunteers. From the very early days of the project she has been a stalwart, coming out in all weathers to help in our campaign to help educate other residents to ‘Grow it! Cook it! Eat it!”   Liz has made significant changes to her lifestyle as a result of her involvement with the project. Here she is, in her own words:

“Being a volunteer with the Real Food Team in Wythenshawe, apart from keeping me interested and interesting, gives me an awareness of my community and its needs and an awareness of food and its impact on our lives – from a health, environmental and economic perspective.

It has also given me lots of new skills – from sharing, growing and cooking skills to helping to change my lifestyle and that of my family and friends by cascading all the wonderful information and knowledge that I am learning. So much so, that I actually got my own allotment and the family all help out!

I’m enjoying meeting lots of interesting people and attending various events and hearing feedback from other residents who have changed their eating patterns, started growing and introduced healthier eating habits to their families. I am enjoying being part of a team that helps people improve their health – such as the fibre diet/bowel cancer awareness work with Macmillan. What more can I say – I love being a volunteer for the Real Food Wythenshawe Team!”.

Alicia Dalton, Volunteer
Alicia Dalton is a 29 year old single lady who has lived in Baguley all her life. Alicia is registered disabled and until 2009 lived with her mother before being allocated her own flat. Alicia used to have a support worker but now Alicia’s mother is her carer and lives close by. Alicia’s mother encourages her to become independent and is very supportive of her attending the cooking sessions.

Alicia has been attending cooking sessions at Royal Oak Community Centre run by Real Food Wythenshawe, and when asked what impact this has had on her life said:

  • Doing the cooking sessions has made me not eat such a lot of fatty food anymore.
  • Taught me how to cut vegetables up safely.
  • I’m now trying lots of vegetables that I’ve not tried before.
  • I’m more confident and happy to try new recipes.
  • I was a bit reluctant to try things before but more confident now.
  • Alicia said she likes taking home dishes that have been cooked for her mum, dad and friends to try.

Tammy Adler, Volunteer and Local Tenant
Tammy has been attending the cooking sessions being run by Real Food Wythenshawe at Royal Oak Community Centre not only as a participant but as a Real Food Volunteers , When asked what Tammy had gained from engaging with Real Food she said:

  • It’s enabled me to keep contact with people and not become a recluse.
  • The classes have also kept my skills up to date while also learning new skills and teaching people skills which are really good to pass on.
  • It’s helped me keep focus on things when at times I want to close the door.
  • I have met some interesting people and made some really good friends through the Real Food Venture.
  • My whole garden has transformed from a grass lawn to 90% edible fruit and vegetable – I now need a bigger garden.