The geodome



The Geodome demonstrates urban food production within a 26’ foot diameter polycarbonate geodesic dome greenhouse.  Food grown aquaponically is fast growing, high quality and can provide a higher nutrient content.  The key elements of the system include: Aquaculture, Aquaponics, Vermiculture, Hydroponics, Fungiculture and soil based growing systems.

Benefits of Growing Your Own Food:

The Geodome project highlights how local food production and growing your own can significantly reduce carbon footprint in terms of travel, production and packaging which is better for the environment.  It also allows for a personal connection to that food and appreciation of the benefits of a healthier diet by increasing consumption of vegetables, fruits and berries and eating less processed foods.  Studies show that people who grow their own are less likely to waste food, just harvesting enough for meals rather than buying oversized bags of produce that is likely to go off before it is consumed.  Seasonal food that has travelled less and tastes better too!

The Geodome growing methods focus on sustainable agriculture, which showcases a future direction of food growing without degrading the soil and water.  Food is produced without chemical fertilisers or pesticides so is safer for consumers, growers and wildlife. It is a closed loop system of production providing fruit, vegetables and fish for consumption.

Are you interested in aquaponics?  Would you like to help care for our fish, grow vegetables and harvest our Geodome veg? If you would you like to learn new skills and make new friends then join us at the Geodome every Monday 1pm – 3pm.  Entrance to the Geodome is at the back of Manchester College (on the junction between Brownley Road and Hollyhedge Road).  Please sign in at the reception desk in the college and they will direct you to the Geodome.

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Telephone: 07580 869747