The project is a partnership bid with six partners: Wythenshawe Community Housing Group, LTE Group T/A The Manchester College, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust , Wythenshawe Forum Trust and Manchester City Council.

The Partnership is a not-for-profit, unincorporated group of businesses/organisations who have come together to support and facilitate the delivery of the Real Food Wythenshawe programme.

This Partnership provides high-level governance for the project. The stability and scope of the Partnership and its networks across the community, voluntary, public and private sectors provide an excellent base for the project.

The Partnership works together to support and facilitate the development and delivery of Real Food Wythenshawe Big Lottery Funded Programme.  It provides practical support such as professional expertise and advice, equipment, volunteers, access to facilities and premises and any other available and appropriate means.

Working together to ensure an appropriate degree of co-ordination, information exchange, sharing of good practice and profile of Real Food Wythenshawe activities whilst remaining independent of any one interest group and will set its own priorities and targets.


Wythenshawe Community Housing Group


As overall lead for the project, Wythenshawe Community Housing Group (WCHG) are responsible for the financial and other reporting aspects of the programme.  They manage the staff with the Programme Manager overseeing the day to day management of the project.

As the lead organisation in the partnership they will facilitate the continuation of the previous 5 Year project.  WCHG has established connections to residents and local delivery partners.  The Group also has a successful track record of delivery of large scale projects and external funding.  The Group will be the responsible organisation reporting to the Big Lottery on all grant activity and expenditure. 


LTE Group T/A The Manchester College  

The Manchester College Logo

The Wythenshawe Campus of Manchester College opened in 2010 and offers a wide range of courses, including construction, and catering for a growing number of school leavers and adults.

Real Food Wythenshawe manage the Geodome, a sustainable indoor growing system sited at the Wythenshawe campus on Brownley Road.  The College continues to support the work of the Geodome which benefits students of the college in addition to other members of the community.


Manchester University NHS Foundation TrustThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is manchester-university-NHS-Foundation-Trust.jpg

The hospital runs a number of initiatives around sustainable healthy food, including a staff allotment.  A significant proportion of the community in Wythenshawe use hospital services and 79% of the 6,500 staff employed through its nutritionists and midwives have the potential to reach groups most in need of physical exercise and access to sustainable, healthy food.  Many people find having a healthy diet a challenge. 

Wythenshawe hospital will work with Real Food Wythenshawe to help identify those who might benefit from the ‘Green Doctor’ service the Real Food project provides.


Manchester City Council 

Manchester City Council

Manchester City Council’s skills and experience support this project in various ways, through their Regeneration, Cultural Services, Public Health and Environment teams.  Council policies and initiatives continue to support the now established Real Food programme, in many ways, in particular the Real Food Kitchen sited at Wythenshawe Indoor market.


Wythenshawe Forum Trust 

Wythenshawe Forum Trust

The centre delivers state of the art 21st century leisure and culture, learning, health and childcare services to local communities and continues to make a key contribution to the long-term regeneration and renewal of the Wythenshawe area. Wythenshawe Job Centre is now based at the Forum.

The Forum has developed into an attractive place where people choose to go to learn, to meet and enjoy themselves, to experience greater health and wellbeing, to find new ways of developing their potential and to improve their communities.

In addition to supporting all aspects of the Real Food Wythenshawe programme, the Forum Trust continues to provide access to resources to help with the maintenance of the Edible Interchange, an area of growing beds where the public are encouraged to help themselves to herbs and fruit when they are ready to harvest.