Christmas Dinner on a Budget

For a lot of people Christmas is a wonderful magical time of the year, but unfortunately  for some it can bring worry and stress about how to pay for presents and provide that Christmas dinner we all look forward to.  With care,  it is possible to buy what you need to put a delicious meal on the table for around £10.50p – enough to feed a family of four by shopping at one of the budget supermarkets. This figure is based on the following:-

·         2kg chicken

·         2.5kg bag potatoes

·         1kg carrots

·         500g parsnips

·         500g sprouts

·         Gravy granules or gravy mix

·         Packet of stuffing mix

·         Jar cranberry sauce

·         12 pigs in blankets

A chicken is a great cheaper alternative to the traditional turkey, which we most often associate with Christmas, or even this year, why not consider a vegetarian alternative, which again can reduce the cost. Going into the supermarkets you see people with trolleys piled high with all sorts of ‘goodies’ the shops have tempted everyone to buy,  much of which often ends up in the bin!  There is only so much food we can and should eat!!!When doing your shopping always make a list and stick to it.  This way you only buy what you need – and NEVER shop when you’re hungry…… 

Here are some tasty recipe ideas to try from Real Food Wythenshawe over the Christmas Period